What a great night out in St Kilda! No, not the usual drunken session with the boys and girls, although they were all there, but just very different and fun. It’s continuing to be ridiculously hot (37 C) – after a whole weekend of this and the forecast is offering more of the same. Phew! Very glad indeed at the moment that our house holds a welcome blast of coldness in the bedrooms as long as you keep the kitchen door closed. So with that backdrop – a trip over to the seaside of St Kilda makes a lot of sense, plus it was Kate and Amy’s last night in town before heading over to Sydney.

First up I randomly decided to go try some African drumming for a change of pace (and to get away from launching Tripsta which is almost there now just waiting for my fixes on a few niggling things – grrr). Simon who runs these sessions is holding them on the pavilion near St Kilda beach – so get to learn African rhythms as the sun starts to set and the fly swarms start to hand over to the evening shift of mosquitos. So much fun. As most people know I’m a compulsive tapper of tables in bars so it was a nice change to apply this to more ‘melodic’ pursuits. Hardest thing was keeping in time with everyone else, plus repeating the same bars over and over again without trying to improvise. Looking forward to next week already…

Met up with everyone at the Espy after that to watch the sun set before we wandered down to the beach and pier. On the edge of the breakwater heard this rough sqwauking noise – and a quick flash photo later revealed the source to be these cute little penguins! So now I only need to see a wombat in the wild and my collection of random Aussie animals is complete. Oh, and also saw a huge rat – but that was less cute.

So a good night – following a fun weekend. Oh, and quick weekend summary – Friday went to see Holly play at the Espy where she was supporting for a fellow Adelaide band whose name escapes me, from there went along to a warehouse/hip hop party with Gretta and Turtle which was great fun. Saturday met up with everyone at Emma and Emmet’s place for preliminary drinks before heading over to Revolver on Chapel Street. Then Sunday was pretty chilled – ending up with Holly playing an awesome set (her best and longest yet) at her regular Daguerres slot on Chapel St. Phew!

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