Hot in the city

Wow. Summer has, finally or yet again – guess we’ll find out soon, settled upon Melbourne. It’s heading towards 35 degrees today and not in a nice fluffy way. The heat bakes right through you and the breeze doesn’t cool but just brings more heat straight from an oven. Esh!

Yesterday the heat was slightly more sane – about 30 degrees, so I eventually managed to get myself down to St Kilda beach for some sun and swimming. Pretty busy even for a Friday and lots of local accents surprisingly – thought it would of been mostly travellers out at that time of day. Nice to be back down the beach, and even got myself in for a swim for a brief moment which just reminded me how cold the sea is round Melbourne! It’s not exactly the tropical warmth of the sea north of Byron Bay.. more like when you’ve (most likely drunkenly) decided that swimming in Brighton England is a good idea… Brrr.

In the evening we all hung around in St Kilda enjoying the balmy summer breeze on Ackland Street. This turned out to be disturbingly like being back travelling up north again – with the palm trees, open bars, warm weather and thousands of drunk people wandering up and down the street looking for the next bar to slake their thirst in. Oh no wait, that was us! Very strange feeling to be back amongst that again after so long away from it.

Oh, and also bumped into an old friend from England and her boyfriend next to Luna Park! Very strange coincidence indeed as she now lives out of Melbourne. What made it even stranger was that just before I bumped into her I thought I saw someone else I knew from ages ago but wasn’t sure it was her, so I was actually thinking about how cool it would have been to bump into her when I bumped straight into someone else. How weird is that? Ooooo….

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