Ah, city life again. The bright lights of Brisbane beckon me on for (yet another) night out on the town – this time to a celebrity look a like party. Perhaps being constantly told I look like Mr Bean could come in useful for once. Either that or I’ll go as George Clooney since he’s the dead spit of me as well.

Since my last missive the delights of Hervey Bay and Fraser Island have been sampled. For Harvey Bay that meant a lot of drinking, and for Fraser Island a lot of sand. In fact HUGE amounts of sand. Possibly more sand than you could use to make a very large sandcastle indeed. Although surprisingly never got around to making a sand castle. Did get around to being followed by dingoes (which look like scraggy mongrel whippets and run just as fast next to the 4×4), see the most amazingly clear fresh water Lake MacKenzie (stunning) and watch schools of manta rays from on top of Indian Head. Oh, and I got drunk.

Perhaps what impressed me most was that even though every backpacker here goes to Fraser Island it’s actually still just stunning. I kind of imagined it would be stupidly busy full of drunk Brits, but even with me there drunk there weren’t that many. The natural beauty is just overwhelming so everything else just gets put aside. The huge expanses of fresh water ponds – many crystal clear – is something that has to be experienced to be believed. That said the trip was really made by a luverly bunch of folk (with a couple of notably entertaining exceptions) sharing the 4×4 and a big shout out to them.

Next stop after Brisbane is most likely Byron Bay at the moment – where I suspect I will be for my birthday having not quite made it back down to Melbourne in time for that. Plus apparently it’s bloomin’ freezing down there. Brrr.

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