SF Ho’

Over in San Francisco now – staying courtesy of the loverly Mr Hoare near the Mission. My flight here was relatively un-eventful apart from some major turbulence. It’s always a bit unnerving when the captain keeps asking the stewardesses to strap themselves in during the flight. Luckily though I had three seats to myself, although somehow still managed to fail to fall asleep which after the amount of sleep I hadn’t had in New York you’d think would be easy. Ah well.

Been catching up with lots of ex-Quidnunc folk out here. Everyone has pretty much managed to get themselves re-jobbed, even in the current less than favourable tech climate which is wonderful. In fact driving into SF from the airport you’d be forgiven for thinking that the dot com boom was still in full effect, as every billboard on the way screams about some new product or other in the tech sphere. SF is pretty much the only place you’ll see motorway adverts for obscure J2EE connectivity tools I believe.

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