The luck o’ the mattish

Just about to head back to England after a fun few days over in Dublin visiting Louise (with big thanks to Roseanne and Vinnie for letting us stay). Seen lots of sights – well, lots of bars anyways, and of course the Guinness brewery which has mad views of the whole city from the gravity bar at the top. So, of course, drank some Guinness and whiskey, visited Bono, Enya and Eddie Irving’s palatial residences and looked at the new big pointy thing in the town center. Mmm… pointy.

At the moment though I’m hoping my flight back is a lot less precipitous than the flight over. Having almost enjoyed a 24 hour flight back from New Zealand I find it ironic that a one hour flight can freak me out so much purely due to the fact that the plane tipped 45 degrees right after take off (followed by some more turbulence). Of course this was the first flight in ages that I hadn’t taken any Dramamine (my flying drug of choice) and was sitting right at the back of the plane so that just made things worse. Luckily though my weekend flu-like illness, replete with dry cough and muscle aches, seems to have subsided meaning that it probably wasn’t SARS after all…

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