(Mel)Born to be wild

Hmm… I seem to have been a bit remiss in my blogging again! Tried to do an update a few days ago but Blogger seemed to be down – guess the transition to Google owned property isn’t 100% smooth… Given that I’m forgiven I shall carry on regardless.

I’ve been in Melbourne for almost a week now. It’s a great little place. Much more spread out than Melbourne and a lot more laid back in general. All the fun action in town is focussed around the CBD (Central Business District) and Fitzroy, all handily linked by Melbourne’s wonderful trams. It is these trams that are the cause of a local traffic feature not to be seen elsewhere – having to pull into the left of a road to turn right (if you waited in the middle you’d be tram fodder). Apparently in the old days you were asked which five junctions this rule applied to as it was such a strange one – thanks to Nigel my god father for that nugget.

The weather has been mildly erratic to say the least. When I first arrived it was a chilly 20 c, a slight shock post Byron Bay’s almost tropical weather. A week later when we arrived back in from Lorne it was 40 c, but very dry – not at all as brutal as New York’s humid 35 highs. Now it’s 17 c with major winds and rainstorms, not to mention hail – so as you can see it’s important to check the weather before you step outside.

Weather aside I’ve been having some very entertaining nights out, mostly along Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. The food along here is also superb. There is also a very strong arts scene and lots of great little galleries located all over the place. On the downside margeritas seem overprices in the First Floor bar…

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