Like wow, mate

Still currently holed up in Byron Bay, home of the Aussie east coast hippies. That’s not strictly true anymore as Oz is a big place and so many smaller hippy communes have sprung up all over. One of particular note is Nimbin, a small commune inland from Byron Bay that is Australia’s equivalent to Amsterdam – although with slightly fewer raucous English bachelor parties.

Byron has some of the best food I’ve had so far in Australia. A good mix of veggie fare and pizzas, with no Macdonalds in sight – the town voted not to allow them or KFC in, although a few smaller chains have arrived now. More importantly they have lots of pie (mmm, pie). I’m currently trying to get myself on a pie detox plan as I seem to have become slightly addicted to these wonderful pastry parcels in all their forms and this is not helping my surfer stylee six pack from developing.

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