Kookaburra sitting

Touristy day again today – went off on a day trip to see dolphins at Jarvis Bay (pronounced ‘jer-vis’ by official declaration of an act of parliament). This trip involved getting up at 6.15am having been out dancing until 1am the night before at an Underworld gig – consequently my typing, like me, might be a bit wobbly. Anyways, the highlight of this trip was not the dolphins or kangaroos, but the birds that tried to steal our food whilst picnicing at the beach! This including a whole swarm of kookaburra birds who look like punk/grunge parrots – very cool. One literally tried ot grab some food out of my hand while I was looking the other way!

Otherwise it’s been a lot of beach/sun-bathing trips for me, especially over at Manly bay. Although I have learnt a few useful things – such as Brits stand out a mile by dipping biscuits in their tea (thanks to Nick, our tour guide for that), and also that if you look down over the bow of the ferry from Manly as it returns to Sydney you can see a really weird effect where the spray almost seems to freeze in slow motion. Wonderful stuff.

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