Hong Kong Phooey

Well I may have been flipping out over my packing* just 20 short hours ago – but now I’m in Hong Kong and just back at my hotel from a wander from the night market in Kowloon. It was interesting how as soon as I checked in all my worries just disappeared and I felt so calm. This calmness was helped by being allowed into the Virgin Clubhouse prior to my flight – that place is so serene, well as serene as anywhere can be that’s showing footie.

First initial (night time) impressions of Hong Kong – it glows. There is so much artificial light here you can pretty much shoot with 200 ASA film without a flash! Everything seems really clean at street level which is amazing when you consider the market throng that’s going on. The airport express knocks the Heathrow Express off the board, you literally walk straight out of arrivals onto it and it is so fast. The night market is wonderful – with so much cute crap to buy for practically no money. I tried to hold back tonight since I’m so jet-lagged but still walked out with some new phone covers… even though I’ve no phone here. Had a filling dinner on the corner of Ning Po Street watching the world go by and the poor shrimp waggle their little legs to no avail before getting thrown in the pot. Bless.

So now to bed – the furthest east I’ve ever been and in a country where I’ve no clue how to speak the first language. Luckily, as always, everyone speaks English – which is a shame really.

*And still forget to bring my travel clock and leave behind my 35-80mm SLR lens. Ah well.

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