Everything changes but you…

For those of you who haven’t seen me recently – quick summary of my 2002 in traditional xmas card fashion… For those of you who usually follow my adventures on my website I apologise for not really keeping it up to date at all, having managed to temporarily get over my hypergraphia (compulsive diarising).

Had a really, really bad hangover on Jan 1st after whirl-y-gig. This hangover continued through to Jan 2nd and was dying down by the 3rd. On the 4th nothing much happened.

Hmm… this might take a while so I’ll summarize – spent first few months in Williamsburg, New York packing my life into small (and big) boxes to be shipped back to Britland – as well as doing lots of yoga. Hung around in London for a few months being disorganised and unfocused rather than going travelling. Then went on a cool windsurfing trip to Vassiliki and from there to Glastonbury music festival – both of which led to a nice tan and some cool photos.

Hanging out drinking in London over summer led to getting a job at NESTA helping relaunch their website which was splendid fun for four months. That’s just finished and now I’m at home for Christmas planning to spend a few months in Australia before my baby niece/nephew is born in March 2003 and my step-brother gets married. Phew!

Also just watched Lord of the Rings II: The Two Towers. Soo-fuckin-perb. Much better than the first, both in effects and how it flowed. I was really worried it would get bogged down in the large battle sequences but a smashing editing job was done. Go see it – now!!

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