Lickle bits of Plastic

I’m still amazed by how far the Lego Star Wars franchise is going. Today’s piece de resistance (that’s ‘piece of resistance’ for those of you wot don’t speak French) is the new Imperial Star Destroyer. Mmm… I can see little John salivating already at this new toy. My fave is still the sand speeder though – and that was only $5. ‘Cos it lets you use your ‘magination. Broom. Brooom.

OK. Too much regression to childhood there for a Monday. In the meantime the new Groove Armada album – Lovebox – is quite splendid. Some duff and boring tracks but some real stonkers as well. Particular like ‘Purple Haze’ and ‘Madder’ at the moment. Now I’m off from work to brave the terrorist threatened tube… just like being back in New York last year. Sigh.

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