Back in the USSA

Just returned from a week trip out to New York, my first visit since February when I left. Had way too much fun and if I hadn’t of been working back in London I would definately have just stayed there. Luckily Mr Virgin helped ease my return pain by upgrading me to Upper Class again, although the guy snoring behind me like a water gargling hippo down shifting his sixteen wheel rig on the highway put pay to any thoughts of sleep.

New York seems much the same. A few places have closed, and a few opened. Nowhere was crazy busy but then I had arrived on Labour day weekend so everyone was out of town. Ah, planning. I do wonder sometimes if I could move my birthday by deed poll to somewhere that wasn’t in the middle of so many bank holidays in summer. Maybe I should just celebrate my half-year anniversary on February 27th instead.

Tourism was not my goal. I happily wandered around smiling at familiar sights, even in the midst of the torrential rain which I seemed to bring with me. Umbrella sellers on the sidewalk were some of the few people grinning as much as I was. Everything just seemed so vivid and happy to me, which was all to the benefit of the local shop keepers who pried a large chunk of cash from me in my bouncey state of mind. And then there was the food… On the last day I had Brazilian cross-over in the Coffee Shop at lunch, then had Peruvian in the East Village for dinner. This didn’t quite buffer me against the paint stripper strength drinks in Max Fish, so a late night pizza purchase let me sample my favourite – zitti pizza, pasta on top of pizza, mmm… carbohydrate-y.

I’m now back in London seriously contemplating how to get back out to NYC again. London has many advantages, not least a slightly more buoyant job market and me with legal rights to exist here. I also get the chance to hang out with Bob again, flushed with the success of his latest article in the Guardian, something that was picked up in the New York times as well. All good publicity for his book which is currently being edited for re-release to the American market.

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