Farmer’s Tan

Just got back from Glastonbury 2002. Smashing. The new fence kept trouble down to a minimum, the weather was lush, people were great and the event itself was sublime. Perfect Glasto really.

In the meantime, having shelved my travel plans I took a great holiday in Vassilliki (a place called Club Vass) for a couple of weeks and learnt to windsurf. Had a great time, and you can see the pictures at the usual photos link. Having returned though I’ve had absolutely no joy at finding a job. Seems like the touted recovery of the job market in IT related work isn’t quite as strong as everyone keeps telling me. Ah well. It’s not so bad, but I do miss working on things.

So, as part of my efforts to keep up with things, I read all about IBM’s latest marketing concept – Autonomic Computing. Basically it just talks about self managing computers, in an effort to free up intelligent human folk to do other work that computers can’t do themselves. Reminds me in a lot of ways for the work we were talking about doing at AW a while back. I think that makes me glad that we never attempted to actually build it if IBM are only now getting onto it!

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