The Celestine Prophecy – James Redfield. A story of a spiritual quest to awaken skills within the human mind that aren’t normally considered. The book goes through nine insights, each of which build on the last one, that indicate how people should try and live to be more in sync with themselves and the rest of the world. It’s traditionally seen as one of those books that you are recommended to by other people, ignore for a bit, then pick up and read at some point in the future when you’re ready to hear what it says. Although the ‘story’ itself is very basic and not exactly high prose it is good for illustrating the author’s insights, which vary from the importance of meditation and feeling love for yourself, through seeing auras and directing energy to others and finally arriving at a proposal for how everyone in the world should live. I found all of the insights to be interesting and matching a lot of what I had recently read and seen, the last insight however seems to go a bit too far at one time. Maybe it’s right though. Definately worth a read.

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