Weekend (+ 1/2)

Another bank holiday weekend draws to a close.. Not that I notice such things in my current general state of unemployedness. It was only when Stephen reminded me on Friday that it was a bank holiday that I twigged. It’s been a good one.

Been out doing much clubbing since Thursday night when we went down to the ‘quality’ Crazy Larrys down in Chelsea. When the ‘DJ’ finally worked out how to use the decks they did play a few fun tunes but generally a night of lo-fi cheese. Saturday started with the free cannabis coalition festival in Brixton – a mini Glastonbury with lots of dance tents and the usual array of food stalls to keep everyone amused. This has only been going on the last three years so this was my first one, having missed the last ones during my time in New York (which I’m still missing stupidly and keep getting very mopey whenever I see that skyline on TV, which is about once every ten minutes).

After the festival we hung out in the Living Room in Brixton for a while before I wandered on my own up to Islington. I’d seen a flyer for Sir Real playing at the Garage, and having fond memories of his sets at Third Eye back in ’92, decided to go and see him again. The venue, actually Upstairs at the Garage, was like a Scout hall painted black, an image that was emphasized by the clientele all being about 16 (except me and the DJ). After a few beers, well – Smirnoff Ices, I got up the courage to dance like a nutter on my own in the middle of the dance floor. Ah, bless.

Sunday caught up with Helen in the afternoon, teaching her the important life skill of how to make water bombs. The pootled back down to Brixton for a bit more clubbing at Dog Star. Randomly bumped into Zen, a friend of Chris in the queue so ended up not being on my own. Good laugh, but the place is a total meet market to the max. Today I was slightly less clubby – cycling for about two hours round Richmond Park and now feeling decidedly achey for my troubles. Nice.

So a good weekend all in all – but I’m still in London and still not really sure what I’m doing with life. I’m contemplating buying a Hasselblad camera (500 C/M body secondhand with basic lens/back) having seen some second hand kit in a camera shop and getting very excited. I have a ticket sorted out for Glastonbury now and that’s also very exciting. No big ‘flash’ of revelation as to what to do in general though – travel? Get a job? What kind of job? Where do I want to live? Had a very cool vision of living in a big loft with huge windows looking out over trees the other night. Felt very comfortable there – just not sure where ‘there’ is. Maybe I’ll find it one day, along with other turtles that I’m not expecting to find.

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