For those of you with more time on your hands than me – check out the “Which Simpsons Character Am I?” site. I’m Mr Burns which tallies nicely with my lack of coiffure at the mo (although Homer would have tallied better with my general physique I guess).

It’s raining in London again, after 25+ days of warm, spring sunshine. Apparently in New York it’s running 95+ F which is not nice and of course most people have yet to put in their a/c after winter. Ah, the foibles of weather. There used to be a running theory that London weather was New York weather three days later (and about 10 degrees cooler), so let’s see if that holds shall we.

On a more scary, personal note – I find I currently have a minimal level of desire to go travelling. This is starting to get to me as it’s the reason why I left New York and came back here, as the kick-off point to a grand world tour. If anyone has any advice on how to regain wanderlust then please let me know. Or if you find mine down the back of your sofa then a small reward is offered for its safe return to the usual address.

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