Piles O’ Crap (TM)

Spent a happy morning today getting all of my boxes of stuff from New York delivered by the shipping company. It all seems to have survived pretty much intact apart from a couple of bowls, but then I had too many of those anyway. I intended to only put up my CD racks so I could organise my CD collection but had to try and find the small pots containing the screws.. These eventually turned up in the scond to last box I unpacked. Sigh. So next time I’m going to make sure I make a note of where I put those type of things.

It’s very weird seeing all my New York stuff in my old room though. Doesn’t look the same away from my bright, spacious New York loft (which I’m still missing hugely). Someone asked me a while back what I would remember from New York – I think the main thing is a greater sense of what people can achieve when they get on with it. New York is a place that encourages you to go for your dreams, and everyone crowds round to help someone with a strong purpose. It’s a great thing to see in action, and means you always get interesting conversations with people down in pubs. I know the same drive does exist in London but I’ve not really observed it in action yet. Fingers crossed I find out where it is sooner rather than later. Maybe it’s something to do with my own perceptions, which are somewhat subdued at the moment in this transitional phase of coming back here.

Of course other things are sorely missed from that great city. The light, the views (simple cityscapes as well as the obvious tourist sights), bars that stay open till 4am and aren’t smokey, subways that run all night and cost $17 for a week, great food, friends and just the huge range of things you can do at all hours of the day. I also really miss my yoga sessions in Williamsburg at the moment. I know I’ll be back there some day, I just don’t know if I want to spend the rest of my life there yet. This was the reason I decided to go travelling – to see the world and make a decision on where I wanted to settle down for a while. Maybe I won’t manage that. I found out the other day there is a condition called ‘decidophobia’, a fear of making decisions – I’m really starting to wonder if I suffer from that. It might just be as simple as taking more responsibility for my own life and actions (thanks to Jo for being honest about that tonight, appreciated it, just wished someone had been that blunt earlier).

Tomorrow is another day, and one in which things will be getting better.

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