Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Wow. The sun actually shined today, amazing. I celebrated this momentous occaision by going out for a run along the Thames. It was dark by the time I got out there and the bridge lights reflecting against the low tide water made for some beautiful views. Now I’m achy and continuing my relaxing day of going through all Stephen’s DVDs that I haven’t yet seen (Hannibal is turning out to be the best so far).

Meanwhile another random act of synchronicity happened yesterday. I went along to the Victoria and Albert museum to check out the photo still life exhibition and spend a happy time perusing their online archive. Good exhibition and I found out that most of the photography I do is classed as ‘givens’, finding views on things that already exist in real life rather than set-up shoots. On the way into town I decided to walk rather than take the tube and wandered straight into George, who used to work at PGL in 1991! This was pretty bizarre as I was just wondering how I was going to get in touch with everyone I knew down in Australia and New Zealand and, guess what, she’s still in touch with them all. Gor’ blimey guv’nor.

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