It’s a Beautiful Day

Big thanks to everyone who’s bought stuff from my sale so far. Still some primo pieces left for your enjoyment so peruse at your leisure and let me know if you’re interested.

One temporary solution I’ve found to all anguish (and I’m suffering a bit from that of late what with leaving and all) is to watch Requiem for a Dream. This wonderfully intense film about how people get into drugs and then everything falls apart is enough to make every normal situation you’re in seem like eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream by comparison. Mmm… ice cream. Although on the subject of ice cream I’ve not been feeling particularly hungry recently which is strange for me as I usually like to eat food to cheer me up. Excellent news for my diet/fitness kick!.

On that note – I’ve been going to yoga down at GoYoga quite regularly so far and it has been great. Come out of those sessions feeling like the world glows and I’m so alive – even if I can’t quite bend my spine anymore. I’ve been going to the beginners classes but they really mix up the levels in there. Sometimes it will be a simple downward facing dog and some bends, then the next lesson they’re trying to get you to do handstands! Yep, did OK at the downward facing dog but not so well at the handstands. I have a pathological fear of throwing my legs violently above my body with no support – wonder if there’s a word for that? Handstandophobia or the Greek equivalent I guess. Our teacher said it took her two years to even do one so there’s hope for me yet…

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