Spare a dime for an ex-coder?

Found out today that if you have over 3000 GBP in savings you’re not eligible for UK unemployment (sorry “Jobseeker’s Allowance”). That’s so crap. Not that 53.05 GBP a week goes very far anyway. I think I get more than that a week in interest from my bank!! In NYC you get $400 a week for up to six months – no wonder noone’s been rushing to get a new job. Ah, the fun and games of being unemployed in a country where you have no legal status. Sigh.

On a more exciting note though – yesterday I went for my first trip to Saint’s Alp Teahouse. Here, in neon tinged sterile surroundings, amidst many local Asian students, you can enjoy such delicacies as Coconut Milk Tea, Kumquat Lime Juice and the wonderfully blue Taro Milk Tea. Most of these are very similar to milkshakes, but what makes them all the more fun is the little balls of gelatine they stick in the bottom. Each of these is about the size of the tip of your little finger, perfectly fitting into the over-large straw they give you with the drink. An amazing experience as you suck up sweet milkshake and then chew on the little ball that sticks to your teeth.

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