I like to ride my bicycle

Spent a happy day yesterday cycling round lower Manhattan checking out galleries and reminding my arse what it feels like to cycle. It’s still remembering now. It was a beautiful day – I was cycling in a t-shirt even though it was the start of December and didn’t ever really feel cold. Manhattan is such a great cycling city. Everything moves in one direction so you can be more sure where things are and the roads are wonderfully wide. Compare this to London where everything is small, curvey and it’s normally pissing down.

Saw some great photos – Elger Esser’s ethereal landscapes, Todd Hido and Tim Davis with extremely similar approaches to hyper-real shots of houses, and Collier Schorr with ‘modelled’ pictures of people in German army costumes. All this on one street next to the Dia Center. Then I dropped down the west side cycle path down to where they were loading the remains of the WTC onto barges to be ferried away. It is slightly disconcerting how you can be cycling down the path as if nothing has happened and then suddenly it transforms into a major excavation site. Sometimes I still feel like I haven’t really taken it all in yet.

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