The Day After the Beginning of the End of the World?

Nope, not really that pessimistic. I’d like to believe that World War III won’t break out, even with Dubya at the helm.

Things are starting to sink in now. Every now and again I just stare off into space and imagine the New York skyline without the Twin Towers. The final few people I’ve been worried about have turned up safe and sound – thank you all for lying in bed that extra half hour. Noone can believe what’s happened. I was talking to a friend in Israel and she was saying that all the people who’ve died in Israel total 20,000 – not just from one tragedy like this. I still hope and believe that the figures won’t be that high from the stories I’ve heard, but it will be in the thousands. Why are some people so fucking stupid? What has this achieved? How does this help? I can’t even understand how someone can think like this!

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