The best of times, the worst of times

Being out in State College raises many emotions in me, most of which revolve around being away from my friends and the city I love. Sometimes thought being out here with feck all to do leads me to doing things I might not have done elsewhere. One such thing was sitting down and reading through the archives of my blogging. One caught my eye – poetic allusions to the World Trade Tower burning just under a year ago. Nostradamus eat ‘yer heart out!

Other thoughts though: whatever happens from here on in I’ve had a wicked ride. Maybe I’ve not been the coolest kid on the block, but who defines cool anyway? In looking back at the older stuff I see how my life has changed. When I was down Von the other night reading an old diary some guy (rudely) interrupted my thoughts to say that he’d read some of his old stuff and didn’t even recognise who had written it. His earlier, pre-suit job self was a wannabe writer. I disagreed with him at the time, but now I must apologise to him and say he was somewhat right.

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