No news is bad news

There was an article on BBC Online talking about how 600 staff of Marsh McLennan are still unaccounted for. This is the company I used to work for on the GINA project when I was in the WTC, and I’m still thanking my lucky stars that I wasn’t still there. I’ve heard new that many people I worked with (John, Noel, Hans, Steve and Phil) are OK, but there are still many more I’ve not heard about, some who I knew more than others. Roberta, John U, Telilah, Elaine, Surin, Timothy and the others – I hope you’re out there somewhere and I just haven’t heard about you yet. Be safe.

And then I start to wonder about Max and Kelle, currently off travelling in Nepal. They both worked in the area and had friends. Max knows many more people who were working at Marsh on a project that we got thrown off of (thanks to Tricia for that – at the time it seemed like standing up for what you believed in was causing trouble but now it’s caused so much happiness as we didn’t have a team from our company there). How will they react to all this when they find out? Not having been as near it as us?

The same thought occurs to me now as I prepare to head back into the city… Everyone I know there has been living through this for the last few days. I already feel like a tourist in my own town. How will I react to the carnage? The roadblocks? The looks and tears on people’s faces? The unfamiliar skyline? Holding people who’ve been living this day in and day out since it happened? What can I do to help make it better?

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