IKEA, aqua-IKEA….

Another busy fun weekend back in New York City. Friday night out at Organic Grooves which was down the Frying Pan, a rusty old boat sitting on the Hudson River near Chelsea Piers. Great little venue and a long conversation about lawyers and software contracts.

Saturday headed out to Long Beach, well, West Lido Beach really, for John’s birthday gathering. Much splashing and burning ensued. The day was topped off with dinner down Pisces which, although nice, was not anything special. Place was pretty empty for a Saturday night…

Sunday decided to head out to IKEA and blow some money on storage solutions. This was triggered by constantly tripping over piles of crap lying around my apartment. A happy evening spent putting it all together (thanks John) means I now have to reorganize my place. Of course I’m not going to see any of this for about three weeks between being in State College and weekends away… Hopefully it won’t all have melted in this excessive heat. Or my new landlord won’t decide to throw me out in the meantime!

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