Quote of the Day – Lewis Mumford

“With nuclear energy, electric communication, and the computer, all the necessary components of a modernized megamachine at last became available: ‘Heaven’ had at last been brought near. Theoretically, at the present moment, and actually soon in the future, God- that is, the Computer- will be able to find, to locate, and to address instantly, by voice and image, via the priesthood, any individual on the planet: exercising control over every detail of the subject’s daily life by commanding a dossier which would include [his|her] parentage and birth; [his|her] complete educational record; an account of [his|her] illnesses and [his|her] mental breakdowns, if treated; [his|her] marriage;.. [his|her] income, loans, security payments; [his|her] taxes and pensions;… In the end, no action, no conversation, and possibly in time no dream or thought would escape the wakeful and relentless eye of this deity: every manifestation of life would be processed into the computer and brought under its all-pervading system of control. This would mean, not just the invasion of privacy, but the total destruction of autonomy: indeed the dissolution of the human soul.” – The Myth of the Machine, Volume 2: The Pentagon of Power; by Lewis Mumford – in 1964. Check this stuff out here.

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