My own personal Glasto

For those of you who aren’t aware, Glastonbury, the best music festival in the world, was not on this year for a number of reasons. Normally this would have been this weekend – meaning instead of being in New York I would have been in a field in Somerset enjoying the sights and sounds of British festivaling at its best.

All was not lost however – since I had my own little piece of Glastonbury going on back in New York. Friday night went out to the Frying Pan to see SquarePusher and other dance folk at Nesh. The Frying Pan is a rusty old boat off pier 23 in New York. Great venue and lots of outdoor dancing vibes. Then on Saturday (after some classically Glasto torrential rain) went to see Mogwai play at Irving Plaza. Another great show from the Scots lads – one that would have only been better had we all been sitting around in a field staring at the sky as the music washed over us. Smashing.

Here’s to Glastonbury 2002… Although if that’s cancelled I’ll hold me own little festival in my apartment – with fake toilet smells and everything.

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