You’re about 3 seconds away from not getting in

You just gotta love some bouncers in New York City. Last night we observed some fine specimens at Centro-Fly (no link as I want to discourage you from going) as we waited to go in to go to GBH. Complete lack of any sense of humour, inflated sense of their own self-importance and the size of a small South American country with possibly more tattoos. Having got inside there were even more bouncers randomly deciding who should move between floors based on cuteness and whether they were their mates. I don’t mind queuing, I do mind a lack of even handedness that would make Hitler seem humanitarian. So, boycott Centro-Fly and convince your favorite DJs they should do the same.

Of course this would be all so much easier if there were more than 3 major clubs in New York. It’s times like this that I do really miss the UK club scene. And also wish that I’d gone to Organic Grooves instead which is always a much more relaxed vibe (just didn’t feel like going on my own).

Anyways, the rest of Friday was cool. Took the day off, something I heartily recommend, and drank nice wine from lunch onwards and wandered around SoHo taking in the sights. Highlights were Puck Fair which was playing the Stranglers and had the Mirror and Sun to read, and Mercer Kitchen where the food was wonderful as was the atmosphere (replate with upside down umbrellas hanging from the ceiling to catch the leaks).

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