If music be the food of life, then I’m a fat bastard

Oh wait. I am.

In an attempt to re-excite myself about the coolness of modern technology I’ve finally installed RealJukebox. This is a very cute little digital music player that does a wonderful job of recording your CDs while you listen to them. The music you’ve listened to is automatically categorized, stored on your machine (at great expense to your hard drive) and then used to make your playlists on demand. I’d always been a bit reticent on this as the MP3 encoding devices I’d looked at before seemed to have huge troubles working on Windows NT – but the new drivers seem smooth.

Of course I still can’t get my Sony Music Clip to work on NT. Sony have a policy of only supporting Windows 98 which is frankly ridiculous. They make such great little devices, it’s such a shame they get so draconian on music security policies and so crap on their platform support.

On a less musical note, went to see the film Memento last Sunday. Amazing film. The story is about a guy with no short term memory since his wife was murdered trying to find the murderer. This means that he can’t remember what happened 5 minutes before. So to combat this he writes notes to himself to remind him where he’s staying, what his car looks like and so on. This is a strange concept to take in and hard to relate to – so to help us understand what it feels like the movie is filmed backwards in 5 minute segements. You don’t know what just happened, like the protagonist, so you get a sense of how he feels in a situation. The difference is you have a memory of his future. It’s all very weird and very cool.

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