Rain, rain go away

New York is under a torrential downpour at the moment. Just like being back in blighty – although with less foot and mouth disease and rail accidents. Oh and less snow. This British climate encourages inventors to come up with useful stuff like a robotic dog that “can climb over obstacles, play football, do handstands and even move like a crab”. Now I may be missing something here, but dogs don’t normally move like crabs, not unless they have serious infections in which case get them to a vet. So why bring it up as an important facet of a robot dog. Go figure.

Meanwhile the pressures mount from various sources to jack it all in, escape the Internet downturn and go travelling on my savings until it all gets better. All very tempting indeed. Everyone I know in New York seems to be a lot more stressed these days. Could just be the rain though and the low quality $2 umbrellas everyone has blowing inside out though. Oops, there goes another 20 points off the Nasdaq. Slidey. It’s times like these I’m very glad I never bought shares.

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