I think we call this bio-feedback, Yage

Back in 1992 I got a copy of what is possibly my favorite chill-out tape of all time. This was from a guy called Dave Schell who worked at PGL and was one of a crowd of wanna-be DJs that used to use the kids disco gear to practice. The tape was of Future Sound of London (FSOL) doing a session on Kiss FM in London, before Kiss got sucked down the whole garage thing and became a lot more boring. The basic concept was two ‘virtual’ DJs, Cyberface and Yage, talking over some very cool dubbed out tracks with the usual FSOL soundbites and ambient backgrounds. Superb stuff.

So why do I bring this up? Well, I was listening to the Essential Selection on Radio 1 (thank you streamed audio) and the trainspotter track was one of the tracks off this tape – Song of Life by Leftfield (Lemon Interrupt’s Dubbed Up Mix). Nice to know what it is, and at some point I promise to get that tape onto MP3 format.

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