Stone Cold Matt Hobbs

The end of our first week in State College, Pennsylvania working for AccuWeather. I actually slept 12 hours last night – missing Colleen’s friend Sarah’s party – catching up on a week that’s been non-stop since about two weeks ago. We are, in theory, supposed to get Fridays off to compensate for the fact that it’s taking us 10 hours of driving time to get there and back every week, but at the moment we’re finishing off at the same time so me and John are completely knackered.

State College, learning home of Katie “Katbert” Wegman – currently our cultural advisor on which bars to attend, is an extended town based around the College which is located dead center. It’s one of those standard American towns where not having a car is effectively crippling. Of course, I’m one of only a few people on the team who can drive. Ooopsy.

Interesting facts learnt so far:

  • There are no sorority buildings in State College Why? Because under PA law more than four un-related girls in the same building is defined as a whorehouse and hence illegal. We didn’t quite believe this when Joe (Martin’s friend) told us this but Katie informs us it is true, but there are special girl only dorms around town. They’re the ones with the “Whorehouse” signs and Wednesdays is ladies night.
  • Don’t speed when the students aren’t around Apparently when the students are in town (which starts next week) the police are pretty busy, whereas at other times they get mighty bored and stop anyone at half a mile over the speed limit.
  • People get way too excited about WWF And that includes me. The bit in the Royal Rumble where Stone Cold Steve Austin got back up after an unfair attack had left his head gushing blood was heart stopping. He clawed his way back to win, although stupidly on the way he forgot to kick the Undertaker fully out of the ring so that luckily extended the fight to the correct end time. Phew!
  • It’s Groundhog Day Next Friday – 2nd Feb – Every year, Punxsutawney Phil is asked whether it will be a long or short winter. If he sticks his little nose out of his hole it will be warm, otherwise it will be cold a bit longer (or he’s dead which is bad). We’re contemplating a visit – but the 7.25am start is not encouraging.

Meanwhile it’s all change here in NYC – everyone seems to be heading back home. Steve’s just handed in his notice, official announcement next week. Kirsteen’s back to UK end of March. Shola’s going back next week having been here 8 years or so (Shola fact: Used to date the guy who does Ali G). Matt Tulett flew back last night – the first offical end of a secondment (Phil and Ben were only short term visits). As for me I’ve just extended my lease for another year – till Feb 2002 – but that can always be cut short if needs be. No firm plans though. On the plus side, Lesh is coming back from the UK.

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