It’s only $100…

My last New Year’s missive seemed to get lost for some reason – sorry about that! We’re now one week into the new year and I’m full of motivation and general getting stuff doneness. Which, as the man says, is nice. Just got back from the gym downstairs from another half hour of stepmaster antics, I’ve not drunk alcohol since New Year’s Eve (although I’m probably still drunk from my excellent night at Whirl-y-Gig in Kings Cross) and I’ve been eating vegetarianily as well (although contemplating adding fish to that mix).

Tim has made this resolution thing a little bit more interesting. We’re now in a bet for $100 (with occaisional discussions to move it to $1000) as to who can keep off the booze longest. Last night he phoned me at 9pm to say should we up the bet to $1000 – then I had a message from him at half past midnight suggesting we scrap the bet as soda water was doing his head in. I think I might be on a winner here… He called me during a fun night out with Quentin and Annette who had, that day, been laid off from Q as part of the 80 person cut. She was in a very good mood and the wonderful food at Hell’s Kitchen (9th Ave btw 46/47th) helped as well. I think everyone else was more upset she was going thatn she was!

Oh and apparently, walnuts are actually quite bad for you and peanuts are much better…You live and learn.

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