The state of yoof today

A very scary article about under 16 curfews in the news today. It appears that ‘yob culture’ has taken things a bit too far. If only Chris Evans, father of bloke/yob culture and someone I have widely regarded to be the anti-Christ for many years, had had the foresight to see where he was taking everyone…

Meanwhile, New York’s weather has gone down another notch. The phrase ‘brass monkeys’ seems to be heard around the office a lot, although my landlord insists that the relative chilliness of my apartment is to do with a badly sealed a/c and nothing to do with the lack of warmth coming from the heater. Sigh. They seem to forget that 10 months ago – when it was last cold – my apartment was so hot I had to open windows and regular scaldings occurred from the tap water.

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