Nat was tall and handsome with come to bed eyes

Bob’s book is out – buy it now. Having read it I think I might let him get away without a major law suit. It is so strange reading about things you already know about and have more background for. Makes it hard for me to critique the book properly – although it does seem to lack some description and a strong storyline.. That said it is quite funny in places.

For those of you that are interested – here’s my guide to the characters I know and who they really were. Note that not all of the incidents are real, some were amalgamated/extended from a number of situations:

  • Nat => me
  • Trevor => Kevin Wensley
  • Fiona => Clare Sutton
  • Ricky => Pablo Bawdekar (in description, although the actual activity that it refers to was James Arali Kabana)
  • Jill => Liz Powell
  • Ellie => Erin Pryor (my first NYC love, ironically from Miami as the book says)
  • Tina => Dana (and she was from goldenbooks publishing)
  • Sal => Carol Creighton
  • Rose => Heather, Carol’s friend

Bob’s currently writing his sequel – an expose of love, London and the Internet. I think this is making people a bit more circumspect around him. I’ve also suggested to Bob that he watches Deconstructing Harry by Woody Allen. Meanwhile I’ll go back to watching the magnificent sunsets we’ve been getting over Williamsburg these days. Yesterday I walked over the bridge around 6pm and the light was amazing, burning down the World Trade towers and Empire States building. Beautiful – and me stuck with a black and white film in my camera again!

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