Helping neurosurgeons

Halfway through an amusing, urban myth spouting bbq last night someone mentioned that Moby is playing 3 dates in New York this week and would I be interested in going? I replied that I’d seen him at Glastonbury and had been very disappointed with both his set and his current ego size. At this point she went very quiet so I assumed she was a bit of a fan.

Later she left, at which point her sister and my friend started laughing. It transpired she’s currently seeing Moby… oopsy. So of course I’ll take the free tickets if they come up. Well – he might have got better! Oh, and the urban myth thing, another of the bbq attendees said they’d been at dinner with a neurosurgeon friend of theirs on Friday when their beeper had gone off… so of course they ended up holding some guys head while his friend drilled in to relieve pressure. Nice…

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