False idols

Got to see David Holmes on Saturday. He was playing at Centro-Fly as part of the CMJ festival. Managed to lose all of my possee so decided to go on my own even though I was feeling a bit under the weather. Arrived early – not like me at all (yeah right) – and sat around chatting to some nice folks from Rare Media. Eventually he came on and played… trancey house! Where were the classic Holmes re-mixes of 50s/60s soul and funk? Where were his trademake hip hop blends? For f*cks sake – he was pandering to the New Yorkers already overfed on bland Sasha and Digweed at Twilo. Outraged I was forced to dance anyway since it was actually better than S&D.

My penance for this false worship? I’m now feeling quite ill. Of course this coincides with needing to get our month and a half late Sun Solaris box installed at work. Sun’s iFarce program – 70% off cost and 70% onto delivery delays. Nice.

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