Absolute fame corrupts absolutely

Winter has returned to New York. It’s bloomin’ freezing again! This is potentially bad for all New Yorkers as Halloween is once again here and most people’s costumes aren’t known for their warmth providing capabilities. So we can expect to see plenty of girls in sexy nurses outfits wearing thermal undies – nice. And plenty of boys in thin superhero costumes wishing they had hired the bear costume they thought would be too warm.

As for me – I’m currently sans costume ideas (much like last year). Went to a Halloween party on Friday without a costume and ended up wearing cats ears and tail (thanks Rachel). As a boy not really sure how to deal with those particular accessories – so I’m sure the pictures will be highly embaressing. The night was topped off by a trip to the Turkish/Arabic restaurant/club underneath the party (on Atlantic between Hoyt and Douglass). Here everyone was smoking hookahs and clapping away to stereotypically arabic music (played by one guy on three keyboards) as the belly dancer did her belly dancing thing. Occaisionally the entire room would be filled with dancing or the throwing of dollar bills. The school disco style lights added to the sense of fun. It truely has to be seen to be believed and everyone had a great time. I also managed to surprise an Arabic hen party who accosted me saying “You’re scared of a bit of Arabic, eh” to which I responded with my one Arabic phrase – “shukran”. I wandered away from the surprised faces wondering if that really did mean “thank you” and not something more rude..

Last night was a bit more subdued. Went to the cinema and saw Almost Famous which was great fun and highly recommended. I sense this may be the beginning of more regular forays into the world of mainstream cinema as almost every trailer (there were about ten) seemed to offer an excellent film – many with the opportunity to see more of Sandra Bullock.

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