[Slack No Post Boy]

OK! OK!! I’ve been slack again for a few weeks. I know…. I’ve not had a machine at home and work’s been busy. Anyhoo – i’m now aching post a night session of volleyball down near Battery Park (thanks to Matt T and Don for that) with a nice clicky noise in my shoulder. New York’s sweltering and humid although nowhere near last year’s bad days thankfully. My apartment still lacks cool new furniture or kittens (I’m undecided which is first) – i think furniture is currently in the lead…

Had a superb wedding down in Truro with Pete and Emma getting a little bit blubby as they read their vows. Bless. I now have a cool scar from a slight altercation with a lamppost for my sins. Caught up with Bob – his book is out in October but already on Amazon. Had a good night down the Cross nightclub (back of Kings Cross) and bought the best hot dog i”ve ever had – yes, I was sober!

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