[Rooftop BBQ Antics]

Last night was Laurence, my CEO’s, BBQ on his roof. Started off quite early and met some nice people. StJohn was filming a party scene for his film school activities which was good timing. Apparently Saturday was a big party night. Lazza has a PlayStation 2 that he picked up on his recent trip to Japan – pretty amazing! What was more exciting about the night was when Sam fell throught the skylight… Sam’s quite a large bloke (about 200 lbs) and Laurence has a very large skylight in a triangle shape. Sam took one step off the boarding, put his foot through the window and then followed. Luckily he put his arms out and grabbed the sides of the window – he was hanging through the window with everyone below looking up at his arse hanging through the window. Me and this guy Jack pulled him out – luckily that went OK. Everyone was looking up from below in shock. Sam was incredibly shaken up.

Downstairs we made some sugary tea for everyone. A couple of people had gotten hit by falling glass. Luckily no-one was more than scratched. Everyone milled around a bit then we all went out – Tim and I went out to a few bars in quick succession – Bahi, 2A, Coup and Max Fish. Don’t think we stayed in each one for more than a few minutes. Chatted to the doorman, Chris, in 2A – a British bloke over here with his band and who stayed. His new band’s about to tour with Duran Duran and Sting. Nice one. Finally ended up at some parties in Williamsburg and then Stingers – a bar on Grand near to Driggs. Very dark and dingy bar playing hip-hop-esque music and with dancing. I think at the end of the day the whole Sam thing had really shaken me up – I phoned him this morning and he seems OK which is cool. I think he’s just glad to be alive!

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