Hmm… just found out that yesterday’s flight was arriving at Heathrow literally just before the entire automated radar system in the UK failed! Landed at Heathrow around 9.45am in the end (or it might have been a bit later) and the system crashed around 10. Actutally it might have been around the same time as we were coming in as they suddenly delayed us and kept us in a strange holding pattern that I’d never seen coming into Heathrow before. On the plus side the plane landed safely and I was only a bit late unlike 1000s of other poor sods who got delayed hugely. The manual processes still seem to work.

So I’m in the UK for now and about to setup a page for details of where I’m camping at Glastonbury this year. In summary though – the plan is to camp at the south side of the site, at the bottom (ie, southernmost) tip of the field to the west of the Sacred Circle field. This is a nice spot as it’s out of the main flow of traffic – other than people sneaking in of course. If anyone wants to try and reach me call or message – 0779 0145027, it’s an Orange phone and they worked pretty damn well last year. Here’s a map of where we’ll be. There should be a large orange tent and I’m going to try and come up with a cool flag before going.

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