[Stormy Weather]

New York weather is amazing sometimes. It was hot and humid at 4pm then by 6pm a torrential downpour struck Manhatten midtown. Lightening struck the Empire State buiding a number of times and to stand outside was to get drenched. The most sensuous weather – although not really appreciated when trying to carry a bag without getting it wet! Hopefully it won’t be that strong when I fly to Montreal tomorrow for the eofy.2k.

Abigail’s birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday Abby!) – she’s hit her first set of double figures, 10 years old. I was trying to remember what I was doing at that age. Probably being bullied, my last year at Crawley Ridge Middle School before going to RGS Guildford! Everyone else going to Collingwood. Nothing appears in my mind even if I focus on it. It’s amazing how a smell can make you think of somewhere or something instantaneously but when you try to think of an event you can’t. No wonder they have such trouble simulating the human mind. Probably a good thing.

A cat is now officially required for my apartment since I just caught a mouse. Cute little thing. I was unsure whether to chuck it out the house or keep it as a pet. For lack of a suitable home it was returned outdoors. Apparently we can’t get an exterminator for the building as one person refused permission to spray or whatever since she’s pregnant – everyone’s using traps. Bizarre. My roof is still leaking as well, even though they’ve re-tarred about five times now . Perfection is not something one should ever aspire to – in themselves, others or apartments in New York.

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