Slip Sliding Away

Last night, on the way back from a design awards ceremony, I decided to have my first ever serious Montreal winter fall. Whereas it has been absolutely freezing and icey the last few days, last night it turned into wet slushy now, which was now lying over a layer of solid ice. So, not being quite with it, I stepped off the sidewalk (that’s ‘pavement’ to my British readers) onto the road (that’s ‘pavement’ to my American readers) and into a slide fest of epic proportions. My left leg started to slide forward, so my right leg compensated by going back and then sliding out itself, then my left knee decided to help out – so I ended up in a rock star pose on one knee with both arms up in the air. Classy. Well, it would have been more classy except that the slush/stones decided to take out the knee of my left jeans and I now have a lovely graze to show for it as well as a dead pair of jeans.

All in all I gave myself 9/10 for execution, and 6/10 for self-damage. More scores as winter continues, and possibly even in New York if these snow storms continue