The Land of the Cover Version

What is it about England right now that leads us to be constantly fascinated by leftfield cover versions of well known songs? Every day I hear something that’s a cross-genre cover/mash up/something that brings me up short as I try to work out a) the original song and b) the artist singing it.

Right now there’s a country version of ‘Walk this Way’ coming over the air which is cute but probably forgettable (except in nightmare). Yesterday on the train we had four young Suffolk lads blasting a Chris Cornell cover of Seven Nation Army from their mobile phone as they debated whether or not to mix the rum with their soft drink, or to drink it neat and follow up with the soft drink* – they all agreed though that Chris’s version was better than the original, which just goes to show that there’s no accounting for taste, or lack thereof.

*The answer was rum first, soft drink later as “We’ll get more drunk that way” “You’re roight!”. And lads, for reference, having the money to get drunk in Ipswich does not stop you from being ‘skanks’ too like your penniless friends – sorry.