Movie Review: Molière

Molière is a French period movie set in the 17th Century and starring the wonderful Romain Duris, puppy eyed lead from The Spanish Apartment (L’Auberge Espagnol). The story follows the life of the French actor and playwright Molière through a period of his life that historians don’t know much about, imagining what happened based on his own plays. So Molière gets thrown in debtor’s gaol in Paris, only to be rescued by a rich benefactor, Monsieur Jourdain, who wants to learn the fine art of acting in order to impress a woman he’s fallen in love with. Taken out to the country we meet the other players in this act, Jourdain’s wife and daughters, and members of the French royal court – nicely setting off the beauty of the sets with their internal ugliness.

Molière is a great movie, deep, visually stunning, yet hugely funny and moving. Romain is at times dark and brooding, then generous and funny, and all fully fleshed out by his highly talented portrayal of a complex character. Definately a must see, even if you’re not a great fan of sub-titles. Read my full review of Molière here.

Happy 50th Anniversary Lego!

Well thanks to Google and today’s hella cute logo, I just found out that today is the 50th anniversary of the Lego brick. Wow. To me Lego is one of those things that is ‘just there and always has been’, and since it hasn’t really changed since its conception (unlike television sets) it seems like a very real part of the world. At least that means I’m not that old… When we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iPod then I’ll be upset!

Oh, and my favorite Lego? Well that has to be the Star Wars Snow Speeder – original edition. Whoever came up with the genius idea of mixing Lego and Star Wars should get a frikkin’ medal or something. Or at least a bonus.