Happy Birthday Google!

Today is Google’s 9th birthday – hence the natty pinata design they have on their home page. In some ways it surprises me that they’re that old, and then it feels like I can’t remember what life was like without being able to ‘Google’ anything. I’m sure even Larry & Sergey didn’t envision that it would turn out like this. Here’s to another interesting nine years…

Google’s World of Terror or Hope?

Apparently Google’s satellite map imagery was used by the recently arrested alleged terrorists in planning their attack on New York’s JFK. This is one example of where increased access to information can have a downside, but for the most part the stories coming out of Google’s amazing map service are positive. Aid groups are using satellite imagery to watch attacks on villages in Darfur, an Italian programmer found archaeological remains based on a strange shaped shadow and Iraqis can use the service to draw up maps to escape from local militant groups – or ‘liberating’ troups.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Yep, April Fools Day. A day filled with joy, laughter, bad jokes and Google’s new releases.

This year Google have developed at least two new services to celebrate the festivities; first up from the Google home page you can apply for their new TiSP internet service, a revolutionary service that routes inexpensive broadband to you directly through the sewer system. The genius of this idea is that every house in America, if not the world, already has an access point… your toilet.

Next up we have Google Paper. Found on the home page of Google Mail, this service offers you a free way to get paper backups of all your Gmail. Amazing! But how does Google offer this free, including printing and delivery? Simple. Adverts. Each piece of paper you receive will have a large advert printed on the back. Whatever will they think of next…