Super Furry Daft Punk : Super Furry Animals @ Montreal

Super Furry Daft Punk : Super Furry Animals @ Montreal
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Another great gig last night – this time the Super Furry Animals at the Just for Laughs hall. After an interesting couple o’ support bands – the monotonal stories of Jeffrey Lewis complete with hand drawn comics, and the wonderful pop punk intensity of Times New Viking – the Super Furries came on with Gruff wearing some kind of space helmet and singing through the eye plate with some great, dark dance beats. It seems they want to be Daft Punk.. but that only lasted for a song before it was helmet off and back to some smashing melodic indie rock. The Furries are on tour right now in the US – so go see them if you can.

Purty Sky Lights This Sunday

This sunday stay up late and watch the annual Perseids Meteor Shower. It’s supposed to be best on the east coast at 2am Monday morning, or in the UK around 10pm Sunday night. Meteor showers are like uber-cool free fireworks, so get ’em while their hot!*

*Note: If a meteor does land near you then don’t touch it. It will be very hot. Actually, if a meteor lands near you then there’s a good chance you’ll be dead from the impact. So remember to duck and cover.