Milk in Bags: A Canadian Import

It appears me and M are not the only things to come over from Canada recently. The BBC has a report on milk in plastic bags coming to our supermarkets soon. The technology correspondent makes a bit of a pigs ear out of putting the milk bag into its dispenser and pouring it, but I can totally understand. The first time I came across milk in a bag at the M’s family house near Toronto I was flummoxed too, however the way they use it is to have a small plastic jug with the top of the milk bag sticking out the top – then to use the milk you snip a small triangle off the corner of the bag and voila! Pourable milk.

It will be interesting to see if it catches on here, as the environmental benefits of less packaging are high. The downside is that the plastic bags are more susceptible to breaking when you take them home – plus I can just see some gangs of kids finding it hilarious to throw the bags at people to watch them explode! More news as it happens…

Jason Kent’s New Album

My Canadian drinking buddy and part time yoga studio sweeper Jason Kent has released his splendid eponymous album for your delight and enjoyment. I think it’s only out in Canada right now, so those non-Canadians out there will have to fly over here and buy it. Off you go now…

In the meantime, here’s Jason demonstrating his musical talents by running through the entire album in one go (with Jen, owner of the best yoga studio in Montreal, on camera):

Cultural Dissonance – Candian Radio Style

If you happen to have a spare half hour on Sundays, at 1pm EST, you can listen to WiretapCBC Radio One Toronto‘s wonderfully off-beat monologue/comic phone call show. A darker version of Garrison Keller, Wiretap is spoken and hosted by Jonathan Goldstein amongst others. It’s a great way to smile off your Saturday night hangover.

Snowy Hospital Days

Well it’s been an eventful few days… At the moment we’re embracing a scenic, but travel limiting snow storm that’s hit most of Canada and the US. Prior to that I spent an un-fun few days in hospital with some weird stomach complaint.. splendid. Still not quite sure what happened, but I’ve now experienced the joys of drips and morphine for the first time and am now back on solids. All good fodder for my memoirs, or my outstanding screenplay about an ER room – “No stomach pain. Stat!”.

Everything seems to be settling back down now and I should have an actual answer to what happened tomorrow (assuming I can get to the Doctor in this snow). In the meantime though I’d just like to say a big thanks to the Js for being so accommodating, to the nurses for pumping me full of drugs and to M for everything – thanks for being there x

Canada Natives Protest Day

As Canada Day weekend kicks off across the provinces, the Canadian Natives have organised a day of protests to draw attention to issues such as unresolved land claims and poverty. This will involve marches in the major cities and blockades on major transport routes. One such blockade, on the 401 highway near Toronto, went into effect about 10pm last night – literally just after we drove past there as we headed over to Oakville for a wedding. It will certainly be interesting to see how this day plays out, with the police promising they will maintain peace and apprehend law breakers, and the natives promising they will ‘meet force with force’. Sounds familiar.