Screw It, Let’s Do It – Richard Branson (5/5)

I picked up this offering from the famed entrepreneur owner of the Virgin Group at random and I’m glad I did. The book, written as part of a ‘read a book’ promotion, was designed to be short and easily digestible and it certainly is, however Branson’s mix of life anecdotes and business ‘rules’ is highly enjoyable and uplifting. Every chapter has an example of how Branson has overcome one challenge or another, normally by setting his mind to a goal and going for it while returning a flexible outlook on how these goals are achieved. Screw it, go read it!

Leading your Horse to Water

Just read an interesting post on O’Reilly Radar discussing techniques for making your web 2.0 development team happy. The basic premise is – if you have intelligent, driven coders you need to show them a shiny vision they can buy in to and let them go at it. Not sure it works in all situations, as some folks like to earn mega-bucks working in financial services after a normal ‘9 to 5’ day. Go read it and see what you think.