Making Money – Terry Pratchett (4.5/5)

Another Terry Pratchett Discworld book… you’d think by now he’d have lost his touch but no, this is another well guided fantasy satire about a reformed criminal (of somewhat murky past) who becomes responsible for the smooth running of the Discworld’s monetary system. Against the usual backdrop of trolls, imps and gollums, some of whom need equal rights, Pratchett’s heroes of the people take themselves up against the vested interest of those who were already in power and want to keep it. This class struggle, backed by the socialist engineering patrician, is much more interesting than it sounds in Pratchett’s hands with witty one liners, complex setups and well fleshed out characters making us wonder why Pratchett doesn’t turn his hand to writing history text books for those of us who have no interest in the dry tomes of old. Top notch summer beach / commute reading.